RCK Parking SuperCars

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RCK Parking SuperCars GamePlay:

You can play this game for free on Friv-2020. In the huge area of the seaport, a training ground was built. You'll be able to put your parking skills to the test on it. The objective is to get the car to the lit R-shaped section. In this example, you must drive through a symbolic corridor of traffic cones, shields, and striped barriers without colliding with anything. The installation of the car has a time limit, so you won't be able to circle in circles forever trying to fit into the turn. You'll have access to hundreds of different stages, as well as the option to modify your vehicle and a variety of other features. Just touching the fence or another car will be regarded a major blunder, necessitating a replay of the level in the game. Have enjoy this game on https://m.friv-2020.net/super-bike-wild-race.html

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